101eCommerce wants to be a disruptive business influence, something that can be a major impact for the clients and allows for rapid assimilation of business growth, world wide reach and ensemble proliferation.

Vision Statement

The vision is to work with non-IT clientele, people who are core industry owners, not just SME’s but also major industries, offer unparalleled expertise in taking their business, wherever they are and in whatever shape and size they are in and give them the ultimate boost in catering to global business tandems and work with the shifts of economic necessities.

This is the holistic vision with which we operate and tend to address our business for our clients.

Mission statements describe everything we do in a very simple way:

Mission Objective 1

To educate customers on the best practices for adopting eCommerce within their industry segments and how to best conduct business resulting in consistent growth

Mission Objective 2

To continuously engage on technology landscapes, explore new and modern ways of optimizing & automating business through eCommerce frameworks

Mission Objective 3

To effective serve the interest of clients in real time business performance

Mission Objective 4

To become a unit for hire which does not cost anything to work with, something that pays for itself, a profit center