Food and Beverages industry is already leveraging the benefits of eCommerce by selling online packaged food and also fresh vegetables in local market. Such sites are more popular in local markets or with an infrastructure which allows to buy and sell the food and beverages locally, if it is not packaged.

Website of a Food and Beverage eCommerce website is generally pretty simple than the other eCommerce industries. Major attributes of the eCommerce site are:

  • Cuisines
  • Famous Restaurants
  • Popular lists
  • Social Integration
  • Order Placement

Packaged food vendors could sell through eCommerce by taking orders from their customers and selling the goods through local dealer or a brick and mortar shop.

The best examples of the food and beverages selling through eCommerce are companies like McDonalds, PizzaHut and Dominos who started as the chains of physical stores selling food and beverages. In a way, they had enough infrastructure spread widely that customers happily coming at them. Still they decided to go a step further and simultaneously started selling online basing on the already established widespread infrastructure.

Their example is enough to understand that it doesn’t matter how good your business is running, eCommerce opens up a whole new potential to take the growth figures once again rocketing sky-high.