User experience design is a very structure and discipline oriented work. It has its set of madness and frameworks.

It is also referred to in short as UI/UX design.

Customers do not engage on user experience of their eCommerce business visitors until they come to realize that people are not buying as much as they visit or there are not enough repeat buyers, even though some of them actually do buy.


So what is this Experience Design?

Experience design is a study of how your customer perceive and decide to buy or continue to buy from you, through your website.

It is about trust, credibility and overall ease of use of your eCommerce website.

In conventional brick and mortar stores the deal is influenced by the emotional values. A store-owner successful to keep their customers always happy (by offers, free drinks or even by smiles) is more likely to gain popularity and ultimately cash-in the deals.

Getting ahead in the race by leveraging on those emotional values is the goal of an effective experience design. If a customer feels delighted just by landing on your website, the chances doubles, triples or quadruples of him returning once again. The ‘fantastic’ experience a user gets on website is your tool to make them stay on your website and eventually buy a product or two from it. Long-term goal is to turn them into a regular customer.

Doesn’t that sound familiar to you? The successful brick and mortar store-owners are best at making and maintaining their relationship with their customers. That’s what we are trying to achieve online here.


Which parts of the website UI/UX design interacts with?

User Experience/Design isn’t only about the aesthetics. Beautiful things can give beautiful experiences. But, for an eCommerce website, that isn’t enough.

Apart from the aesthetic improvements, we also look out for the hindrances which negatively affects user experience. Placement of banners, features, finding out the unnecessary elements in any process on the website and making it short, sweet and still comprehensive is our goal.

These are the major aspects our UI/UX designers focus:

  • Aesthetic Appearance
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Accessibility and usability
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

End user experience brings in the higher probability of someone buying from your online store. UI/UX Design is the creation of ‘human attachment’ through codes and clicks.

101 eCommerce can offer FREE insight in to what is needed to be improved, but when you feel the pain to want to improve and are unsure about how to improve, you will find great relief in working with our consultants and achieving boost in customer conversion ratio, reduction bounce ratio, sustained business growth.

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