Essential element for buildings, Tiles industry has a wide opportunity at taking its business online with many feature and things to offer. People being perplexed for which tile color, size, type should they choose or which will fall under their budget would be pleased to have a website where all of their problems from choosing the right tile to home-delivery and subsequent services are available at one place.

It is the tile-industry transformed online, with features and services which couldn’t be imagined to get in the physical stores. A well-established eCommerce website dedicated for Tiles industry could solve many problems for the end user, which becomes the guarantee for such website owner for a longer run and sustained revenue stream.

General attributes associated with tiles industry:

  • Types
  • Texture and appearance
  • Color and pattern
  • Price Range
  • Material
  • Size
  • Room or building specific
  • Finishing method
  • Brands
  • Tools, accessories and related products
  • PEI Rating
  • Inspiration gallery

All these attributes enhances the website’s usability and functionality, making it easier to navigate and search the exact product they need. The more accurate and detailed attributes, more specific search they could have. Thus, it saves their time and increases their decisive abilities.

Such small efforts, which almost makes the website itself behind the scene and puts the user’s need into the focus during the navigation gets the best results at conversion and re-purchase rate.

101eCommerce is a team of experienced experts which gives you the exact eCommerce website for your tiles industry.