Third Party Integration means just that, we take something made by someone else or by us for an eCommerce software made by another company but for you, our customers and we make sure that plug and play is effective.

Payment gateways, discount packages, special campaign and category sections, upselling, cross selling, customized wish-list sections… anything. Anything that is not normally available but can be plugged in or simply built as a plug in.

You can leverage the service of third party integration variably. Such third party applications/software could be made with various focus including augmenting the customer experience, serving the owners by providing the website statistics and analytic or helping the marketing team to understand the effectiveness of their ongoing strategies and take decisions for optimized marketing or conversions.


Enhancing the Customer experience

Any application, feature, software which enhances the consumers’ positive experience on your website falls under this category. Such applications are tailor-made to eliminate any specific element or a group of elements which aren’t efficient enough to give every individual customer the best experience they can have. Or it could be a total new feature which takes the consumer experience totally to the new level.

Some examples of such applications/software are:

  • Payment Getaways
  • Feature of recommendations and sophisticated in-site search
  • Online merchandising tool
  • Imaging and 3d visualization tools
  • M-commerce
  • Teleconferencing

All of these and such other numerous features are tailor-made to enhance the customer experience at every bit and every click. It explicitly ensures that from the landing page to the last click to pay, customer never loses interest surfing on your website or never gets distracted due to an irritating glitch or a lack of feature.

If we take customer as the king, then these are the third party integration tools you must install on your website to keep him extremely pleased throughout the whole process.


Marketing and statistic tools

This type of third party software focus at ‘under-the-hood’ processes. Processes which aren’t meant for customers to see. They don’t need them to see. They are for the authorities and administrators of the websites to understand what is happening in their website in every part and at every level.

Marketing and statistic tools help site owners to understand the different statistical data including audience type, demographics, geological location, their behavior on site, the technology they use, how longer they stay, what is the bounce-rate (people visiting a page and leaving without performing any ‘call to action’ activity), where they come from and to where they leave, point of sale solutions, etc.

It is a collection data about users’ and site’s behavior during their interaction. Such deep and detailed insight comes very handy during setting up the marketing strategies. You can understand which region is most active and by which marketing effort the conversion rate is the highest. It gives you the clear understanding about what works and what doesn’t work and suggests to streamline your efforts with proofs for maximum outcome.

The importance of such tools can’t be neglected. These are the main areas which are handled proficiently by such tools:

  • Inbound Marketing (content marketing, email marketing)
  • Website performance
  • Online/offline aggregated sales analysis
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Website Analytics

These major areas and other multiple tasks are handled quite beautifully by the marketing and statistic tools once integrated with your system. The expanse you invest in such tools returns in form of heightened, more accurate and strategic decisions which will nothing but increase your revenue at the end.


Business processes handled accurately

We can install the tools which eliminates your efforts to manage the repetitive business processes in which, to some extent, human presence could be removed. Such automated business process tools provides you much more accurate and human-error free data, analysis and smoothly running business processes.

Such applications are:

  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Order Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Reporting Tools
  • Accounting Applications

The real world performance of such software are appraised by almost everyone who has used them. They serve you with the calculated results and we can help you to install them on your existing systems.


Is a 3rd party integration required?

You can’t live without them. You need them as much as you are in need to create a website to run an online business. Today companies have created such amazing and robust tools/software/applications which actually deliver enhanced real world performances and you can see the difference between the companies which uses one or more efficient 3rd party software and one which is stuck with the old methods thinking 3d party software as a redundant investment.

In each listed category you will find a gazillion of options to choose from and apart from the popular ones, you won’t know if there is a software available which can suffice your needs while eating much lesser money than the popular ones.

Our experts can study your needs and suggest you the best options you really need. Then the 3rd party integration begins.

That is our 3rd party integration service.