Technology is a key decision factor.

eCommerce has such a generic name for businesses of all sizes. The scope of product and services associated with product sales and number, attribute, display, marketing campaigns and background interlinking all form a heavy factor in the choice of what type of eCommerce platform to use, adopt and evolve with, this also includes the choice of technology.

Today, it is almost laughable to think of building a custom/bespoke eCommerce website or solution, unless, you have a very very unique requirement and also because so many effective platforms, frameworks and eCommerce solutions are available.


We work based on what is your need, hence we are 101eCommerce!

By eCommerce platforms, one almost invariably refers to the use of Shopping Cart Software, these software are mostly available as free software, though paid and hosted ones such as prestoshop are fairly successful, the choice of technology is limited to Open Source technology among Shopping Cart Software.


Factors that affect the technology choice are as follows

  • Product range, attributes, volume and level of category
  • Back linking to business operations such as manufacturing, stock updates, campaigns
  • Cross country or multiple country, language, taxation requirements
  • Payment Integration, Database, Hosting
  • Features, Customization and
  • Marketing, Communication Requirements

Although these narrow set of factors that influence the decision, they are naturally very broad area to even begin discussing.

Technology choices are divided under the following category

Based on your needs, we will work with any of them accordingly.

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