A supply chain solution framework is generally composite of the following Universal Features:

  • Purchase Goods
  • Source Goods
  • Replenish Stock
  • Supply Finished Goods
  • Manufacture Finished Goods
  • Configure & Run Demo
  • Log & View Events

We have adopted and delivered Supply chain solution which would work seamlessly with an eCommerce store front (distributed store front) and cover entire life-cycle.

Of course this seems way too simplified. In reality, the use case models are very dynamic and varying in nature. All complexities apart, a Supply Chain Solution is still a part of what eCommerce is.

Performance measurement on Supply Chain:

With the continuous development of theories for supply chain management and advancement of practice, a more effective Index system to be used for performance measurement should follow a few main principles as follows,

  • It should focus on the key points and a thorough analysis on the key performance indices should be undertaken.
  • Performance rating indices which reflect the real business process should be adopted.
  • Performance rating indices should be able to reflect the operation status of the overall supply chain, instead of reflecting just the operation status of single node enterprises of supply chain.
  • The rating methodology should be as far as possible combined with real-time analysis so as to be able to extend the scope of measurement to a level within which the real time operation information can be reflected.
  • During performance measurement on supply chain, the rating indices which reflect the relationship between suppliers, manufacturers and the clients should be adopted, so as to be able to extend the scope of measurement to a level which involves the relative enterprises of the supply chain.

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