A Process Specific Solution is something that applies for very unique set of Business Rule specification.

If you take SAP or Oracle or MS Dynamics as a principle example, those solutions are made for specific business processes. SAP BI, SAP MM, SAP SRM, SAP CRM… the list goes on.

Similarly, we have eCommerce facilitation for different types of eCommerce businesses and works towards enabling them in a very effective and cost conservative manner.

We have designed processes and solutions i.e. eCommerce solutions either in part or as a whole to fit in to the process.

Some of the examples are:


Process for recovering unsold items at the end of day/period

We have designed an eCommerce solution which tracks a product from dispatch to sales and from non-sales to recovery.


Process for Dealer to Retailer commissions

We have designed solutions within eCommerce that would allow variable pricing among dealers and retailers and avail itself according to the geography of sales.

Such is the nature of a process specific solution.

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