Mobile devices and internet connectivity are poised to dominate and perhaps (if the data and stats are to be believed) are already dominating the marketing industry.

The chances that you run a marketing campaign and are seen in a mobile phone first is so high that if you run a campaign for your product and it is opened and purchased from a mobile is a very factual thing.

Enabling payments from mobile requires a specific set of changes to be made. Even enabling mobile commerce per mobile platform or making it available for cross platforms is where the trick is.

Since we cover a very wide spectrum of industry services, the use of mobile for enabling commerce has very elaborate usage.

To understand mobile commerce and also to explain it in a better way, let us explain you what we have done for others (in brief) and this will allow you to get a better idea of what mobile commerce can do for you.


Mobile Content Consumption and Tracking
We have designed and delivered a solution for Major Telco where in any content consumption (download) is tracked and payments received, distributed between the Telco and Content provider.


Discount and Mobile QR Code
Built and delivered a purchase discount campaign which would download a QR code on to the customer phone allowing them to be read at counters and discount option availed.


Mobile and Delivery Tracking using LBS
Want to know where your delivery is and if your delivery guys are actually doing what they claim to be doing? This is Geo-fencing. It applies smoothly and effectively in restaurant type businesses which are required to hire low pay delivery guys who slack off on the job and leave behind a very pissed off customer.


iPad/Tablet Commerce for shops
Its quite novel and will be replacing the waiter systems all over the world. Its already available. The only thing you should be asking is… are you having it in your shop?

Customers can flip through your products (brochure, menu, etc.), select what they want, describe anything special and there you go… order is placed instantly, served when ready.

Even bills and invoices can be paid from this, cards swiped along side.

Another happy customer.

All thanks to Mobile Commerce. Since some of the works we have done and covered for different industry are discussed here, if you have your own unique needs, please get in touch with us.