Did you know that getting enough business in eCommerce is a lot different from getting a lot of site visits?

Yes, your eCommerce website marketing strategy has to be very unique, different and your perspective about prospects, leads and actual sales conversions will change once you talk with our expert team.

One thing for sure, you will never think that running a Search Engine marketing campaign is equal to generating sales leads for your business ever gain.

Most clients we talk to think by having a website rank on top of Google search results will be enough for getting product sales. They think very differently when we tell & show them that their business ROI can be nearly independent of Google and other top search engines & lot more effective.

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Though, you still would want to know how we do that.

Marketing isn’t only about telling people that you exist. Nowadays, the successful marketing strategies are those, which make people aware of you and also tell them what you do best while you exist.

When this trust is built up, they will seek for your services. They would ‘want’ your service. That only happens by impactful marketing strategies.

At 101eCommerce we have gathered a team of experts of inbound marketing to solely achieve that goal. Our inbound marketing strategies target on the visitors with the aim to convert them into your customers.


Effective Marketing that leads to conversion

You are running an online shop hoping people to come and buy stuff and make you rich.

That’s not going happen if people don’t know about your existence. And even if they remember your name, there are few chances of getting 9 out 10 visitors buying something from you website. Customer retention is important.

To solve that massive problem comes Conversion optimization. Your marketing strategies should be effective enough to not just make customers visit your site but also make a purchase out of it, eventually.

That happens when your marketing strategies are aligned accordingly.


How we do it?

There are many established strategies in industry. But, we mainly rely on our experience and expertise.

That doesn’t mean we don’t use those strategies at all. We start from there and then apply our experience and expertise to make them effective.

For example, these are the two most effective strategies which prompts the call-to-action:

  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing

The first one is about trying two or more banner or similar graphic or even web pages to see which one drives in more effective results. Then after, the most effective option becomes your default option, guaranteeing you for the optimized results.

Mutlivariate testing changes the elements in the web page or banner including text, image, placements, etc. Studies have shown that such small changes for optimization aren’t negligible if you want most out of it.

These are just the ways to achieve what we promise. You should market yourself for conversions, not only about telling people you exist.

We are about actually driving sales, not about giving meaningless traffic.