Though it doesn’t spread outside the fences around the house, the Home and Garden industry has a lot to offer. An extensive eCommerce website dedicated for Home and Garden care including products for the living ones. It is a total comprehensive take to improve your home-life. It grabs some bites from the health, beauty, recipe and even pet care industries. It’s a combination of multiple industries at one place with the core of home and garden.

Thousands of products, types, brands and choices. This is already overwhelming to handle and present it to the end user effectively who generally is looking for few certain things.

Average customer who doesn’t even need to surf the whole site, shouldn’t be bothered with things which doesn’t interest him.

This is possible through categorized attributes and some unique features which can solve the visitor’s general problems like ‘what should I grow in my garden?’

Home and Garden segment could comprise following major categories:

  • Home Improvement
  • Gardening
  • Renovation, decoration and ideas
  • People and Pet care (for a site with broader concept)
  • Room specific products and services
  • Brand or shop specific

There are many others. People buying things for home-improvements generally keeps them for long time and wants them to be reliable enough. Their trust is gained through long-lasting, qualitative products.

We can build an eCommerce website for you which can win your customer’s trust for their homes at the first visit.