It is more than a money-making industry. It is a caretaker of our entire population. An entity who takes measurement to keep the people healthy and happy. The main concern is with people’s health and then financial gain to keep it running.

That message should be reflected on your eCommerce website. Most of the visitors of a website selling health products, i.e. drugs, general health care items, etc. are much more concerned than the other eCommerce industries. They expect nothing less than expert level information and insights. A website dedicated to sell health-products is most prone to lose trust of a visitor.

Also, it is an industry with thousands of different products, categories and their relations with specific diseases, brands, legal and illegal drugs and many more major attributes which enriches the complexity.

If a customer is on the website for medications of a specific disease, it would be nice if there is a detailed information of the disease and list of symptoms and other instructions for the visitor’s basic knowledge about the condition. It greatly improves the customer’s trust and loyalty in your brand.

The main categories a health oriented eCommerce website could have are:

  • Disease oriented categories
  • Types of Drugs
  • Health products to improve everyday life
  • Health insights and news about local and global population
  • Basic information about diseases, allergies and symptoms
  • Age, gender and region specific health tips and supplies

There are many things to include in the Health oriented eCommerce website and many complexities to define and divide in a smooth user experience which can build up the trust an eCommerce website devote to health needs.

Understanding the industry’s requirements which are beyond technical aspects, we can provide you an eCommerce site which makes sure to grab the customer’s trust on their first visit.