Purchase to Pay is a complete coverage of solution requirement for government purchases. Its a process oriented thing and varies from government sector to sector and mostly is about having an ability to do things like issue work orders or purchase orders to registered vendors, make them give up more information on their services, products and give it away for a good price.

Different forms of purchases are done by the governments or public sector departments and they are classified differently in different regions, although, some of them remain common. These methods include:

  • Direct Purchase – For small value purchases from different vendors, mostly is for stationary and such orders
  • Tenders – Involving request for proposals, quotes, information and so on, generally is used for large scale projects
  • Auctions – repeated and competitive dynamic bidding sessions

While 101ecommerce has built up consulting and sourcing related services for large scale projects and have extensive experience delivering on purchase needs for governments through our solution partners, the value i.e stakes in such projects being as high as US$30 billion and above, the focus on direct purchase offers a unique and volume based complexity.

We offer insight and subject matter expertise and solutions design, development, implementation and change management consulting to such customers.