Product information management is a very industry and product specific task.

Category or taxonomy of a product could be so enticing and engaging that even experts could get overwhelmed with what has to be presented and how to present it, ensure that its presented for sales and sales does happen with right product selection.

Can you imagine buying shoes without being able to select what size you need? Or cloths without choosing a pattern or color?

That is configurable product ordering and that’s just so unique per product.


How it will enhance your business performance?

In many ways including,

  • Sales and Marketing team could get the insight about which product is selling faster
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Quick recognition about products which are close to expiry date
  • Finding out patterns in sales and purchase for advanced decisions
  • Easy information sharing

As running an online business, you will have a large range of products and its categories to handle. We can do that for you. We can install a third party PIM (Product Information Management) software to your system. Such software will enhance the speed and productivity of your related resources to a level which can’t be achieved through traditional ways. As you also realize, at some areas computers are already beating us and we could take the advantage of that.

After understanding the workstyle and the nature of your product-categories, we decide the right PIM software for your company to ensure that you are not overpaying for something. If you already have one installed but need any expert assistance, we can do that, too.


How a PIM software also reduces costs?

A PIM simplifies things associated with product information in any medium to large companies. According to reports, when companies used to have installed 4 to 10 different Product data management systems for different tasks, a single PIM was able to handle all of those tasks in one go. That’s a lot of time and effort saved, which equals to less time and money spent on product information management with similar or higher outcomes.

Other benefits of a PIM software could be reduced catalog creation cost, lower transaction cost and lower maintenance cost.

Well, if you are facing challenges in getting this part right and have something that no one else is really solving, please get us, we are here to solve your problem.

As said above, we will understand your product, generate the product attributes and setup the product page just so right that your customers will feel at ease while navigating and checking for the right colour, size or just about specification before ordering.