Business to Business transactions could leverage upon the eCommerce. The whole operation is similar to the regular B2C transaction. Though, here it comes with some tweaks to comply with B2B scenario.

Distributors can add up their regular buyers’ list and individual portfolio on their site with some automation which eliminates the repetitive need of calling and giving the details of orders. Instead, every time the customer could enter the details of their requirement online and the wholesaler could just check into the site to see the pending orders. The wholesaler could also list all the available product varieties he is selling on the site, thus letting the new customers know about their product-range.

Main attributes of the industry:

  • Categories
  • Product Type
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Regional Information
  • Members

There are many advantages of implying eCommerce into B2B market making the whole conventional process streamlined, time and effort saving and automatic to the level which could make the whole process a lot easier for both parties.