People are used to see electronics, apparels and such smaller in size stuff to be sold online. But, size or form of the product has never limited the expanding possibilities of eCommerce. It was the lack of the understanding about how eCommerce is able to transform any type of business.

eCommerce is more like a parasite which can latch onto any business and in the process of self-growth it helps to grow the industry radically.

Automotive industry lags behind at adapting eCommerce compared to other industries. Though, big automotive companies and dealers now have realized about the scale and approach eCommerce could bring to their business.

These are the main attributes related with an eCommerce website dedicated to automotive industry:

  • Car accessories
  • Vehicle covers
  • Car perfumes
  • Brands
  • Car Manufacturer specific

In modern times, consumers have grown enough to make decisions of big purchases like cars online. According to studies, already 66% of car-buyers are first researching online for price-list and comparisons. Though, the initial adoption of eCommerce by the automotive industry is for accessories and not car itself. Though, in future with technological advancements, hopefully that would also happen.

Even smaller players in automotive industry like car dealers, car parts are going online.