Unicorn Meat for Online SaleUnicorn Meat for Online Sales
People are selling really weird (even creepy) things online. They are either a part of a prank, fun or are serious money makers. The statistics are not clear if people buys these stuff or not, but their active presence indicates that there are similarly weird people out there who do buys these things.
After reading the full list, please comment if you got tempted to buy at least one of them or not. If you don’t, at least you could tell us which things did you like.

1. Roswell Soil Sample

Roswell is the famous cite in America where in 1947 a highly controversial and dramatic incident happened. Allegedly, a UFO had crashed there in the year. The incident was talk of the country during the period and official and unofficial reports had been published. Though, most people believed the unofficial report which said about the UFO crash-landing and also that, the government had found some “Extraterrestrial life” in the UFO! The allegations are still very much interesting and intriguing and had made Mulder and Scully to investigate deeper.

Now, this guy on Amazon.com is selling a piece of soil from the Roswell crash site. The “certificate of authenticity” on the soil-pouch claims it to be collected from the 1947 UFO crash site. True or false, the item is still in stock if you are interested to buy some alien dead skin which might have been fallen on the ground and has been collected in this pouch possibly. Roswell Soil Sample(Image Source)

2. UFO Detector

Well, if you are buying the Roswell soil sample, then you must consider the “UFO Detector” first . It could be extremely useful to know if the soil is authentic or not. Forget the Certificate of Authenticity. Anyone can print such a piece of paper. A UFO detector is what you need!UFO Detector(Image Source)

Mudler would have been able to tell everyone that aliens are real with this thing. It even comes with the second, upgraded version.

3. Unicorn Meat

The first entry at least offers everything which is allegedly seems real or at least we want it to be real. This second entry is more of a mixture of a little baby’s dream and a foodie’s dream. He is selling Unicorn meat. Unicorn Meat(Image Source)

Practical jokers are known to do some insane practical jokes. But, during the joke the victim doesn’t know that he is being tricked. But, here you know you are being tricked and for that you are paying 15 bucks a can for the“dismembered stuffed unicorn in a can”. “ThinkGeek” is actually, making you pay for the made up thing “you can’t eat”. He isn’t even claiming it to be an imaginative art-piece or something.  You can buy it for…I don’t know why.

4. Wolf Urine

Yup, you would obviously need some Wolf Urine after having a delicious Unicorn meat. For what? Maybe wash your hands to free yourself from the magic of the unicorn or make some space in your pocket which would stay filled unnecessarily with cash.

Wolf Urine

(Image Source)

Or, as a lure. Just like “Deerbuster” is claiming. The sticker on the package is saying that you can use it as a lure in your garden. I know, after knowing this you probably are allured to buy this stuff, but currently it is unavailable and they don’t know when it will be back in stock. Well, catching a wolf and collecting “100% All Natural” wolf urine is a bit hard thing to do, so it will take some time to fill up the stock again. Be patient.

5. Bombproof Horse

After ‘milking’ the vicious wolfs forcefully, a bombproof horse would be more than useful to run away from them.Here is a book for you giving you the guidelines to how to make your horse bombproof. Bombproof Horse(Image Source)

It is a full 182 pages thick book published on the first day of 2004 and having average customer review of 4 out of 5 stars. Though, one reviewer admitted frankly ‘It did not work. My horse blew up.’ Maybe he didn’t follow the guidelines properly.

6. Uranium Ore

This website wants to sell you some Uranium Ore. It is obvious, that such radioactive samples are sold for the experimental purposes to laboratories. As the website states in its “Ore Uses and Applications” section, the main buyers are police, fire and homeland securities to test their equipment and new technologies of finding out radioactive substance.  This is pretty useful thing to buy – but only for such laboratories where it would really be useful.

Still, you can buy it even if you don’t have any such laboratory or would like to have a rock in your house which states as being radioactive. I am sure, being a Uranium Ore, and not being purely Uranium, the radioactive leakage is probably to the weakest which can’t damage any human tissue. Though, check it out for yourself before you buy. If you can’t wait to buy a piece and want fastest delivery, it is also available on Amazon with its “Prime” service. Uranium Ore(Image Source)

7. Human Soul

This could be the greatest remedy for the great villains who has been called soulless or whose souls died in young age. And also, some of them from the fantasy world were villain just because they needed a human soul. So, if you happen to run into one of them and they try to grab your soul out of you, just give them your mobile with this website open. Most probably, they will leave you alone and will surf through the website which allows them to buy the souls of famous personalities like Bill Gates, Woody Allen, Fidel Castro from prices ranging from mere $3 to around $1200. Also, if you aren’t buying you can sell your soul, too. This site could be extremely useful for potterheads who are planning to make Horcruxes with extra souls instead of cutting their own in seven parts. The-Creation-of-Adam-hands(Image Source)

8. JFK Hair Strand

The window of the building from where Lee Harvey Oswald fired his rounds on the President of United States is not available now. It got sold for $3 million. Though, an alleged hair strand of JFK himself is still available on eBay. The price is just $12.95. The hair strand is said to be as tiny as a dust speck but is still visible to naked eyes. It is prefixed in the photo-frame of JFK. If you are a collector of historical artifacts and objects, this could be your thing. Just take care of its authenticity, though. JFK hairstrand(Image Source)

9. Real Tank

Thanks to internet, you can buy a tank because the cars are too mainstream nowadays. This tank listed on amazon.com costs you 20 grand. Same price for a regular car. Though, it has a poor speed of 40 mph. But, the advantage is, you get a tank! Tank(Image Source)

10. Real Mech

If a tank isn’t cool enough, here is a real-life Mech. This way you can go all terminator on your friends.

“Landwalker” is about 3 meters high, weights a ton and has the speed of 1.5 km/h. But, who buys mechs speed, right?

Here is the video of the mech walking with a man inside:

Seriously, it would be great to own a real, fully working mech with fake (but real-looking) guns for $350,000. It would be awesome to show off at friends. And then, after the show is over, it could stay in your garage dismembered forever to eat dust.

Well, these are just few of the weirdest stuff you can purchase online leaving logic and practical notions aside. Apart from the items on the list, you can also buy a toilet mug, a nickel from 2003, 1500 live lady bugs in a box and a book solely written and dedicated on the history of farting.

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  1. Carrying on the meat theme, you can also buy Bacon Soap on Amazon for just 10.95. “Looks and smells like bacon but it’s not,” says the seller.

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